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About Us

Are you wanting to venture somewhere with a difference?

Then take a leap from that beaten path. With Fez Plus we have created your ideallic holiday in one of the world's most diverse and spectacular destinations-Turkey!

For ten years Fez Travel has taken pride in introducing this truly wonderful country to thousands of travellers from all over the globe and now with Fez Plus we have our brand new range of deluxe and family orientated tours.

Fez Plus specialises in family and upmarket travel and caters for those looking for a more comfortable, relaxing holiday. All accommodation is in 4* and 5* hotels and we travel on fully air-conditioned luxury coaches.

At Fez we strive to make your travel an experience of a life time that is filled with unforgettable memories. Our guides are all fluent in English and are very carefully selected to ensure that all who travel with us will have a Fez Plus comfort holiday.

Our professional and friendly staff will insure that you are immersed not only in the culture but also experience the world famous Turkish hospitality and traditional cuisine.

Turkey is historically very rich with the old eastern ways of life and mixed with the modern ways of the western world. It is literally where east meets west. Our tours are designed to give you all of what Turkey has to offer, the people, the history and the breathtaking beauty of its sites.

Fez cater for people from all walks of life and we hope whatever itinerary you choose, whether it be cruising the Mediterranean by gulet, a great family getaway in Fethiye/ Marmaris or one of our Anatolian tours package that you have the time of your life.

Fez Plus is wholly owned and operated by Fez Travel Ltd., and was created to cater to customers looking for delux or 5 star facilities.

Welcome to Turkey.

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